What steps is Innovative Therapy Center taking to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  • Therapists will be wearing masks upon YOUR REQUEST during sessions.

  • Please wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to going in for your session.

  • Sessions may end a few minutes early or start a few minutes late to allow for proper disinfecting and sanitizing between sessions.

  • Please ensure you and/or your child are not experiencing flu-like symptoms and are fever free for 24 hours prior to attending your session

  • ​Telehealth sessions are an option for many families in order to avoid frequent cancellations due to other family member illnesses and/or quarantine.​

We serve clients living in several different counties and several different school districts.  If you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 and/or you've had prolonged close contact with someone diagnosed with this infection, we recommend you follow the guidelines and instructions given to you by your individual school district and/or local health department.