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Pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) is impaired oral intake that is not age-appropriate and is associated with medical, nutritional, feeding skill, and/or psychosocial dysfunction (1).  According to research, more than 1 in 37 children under the age of 5 are affected by PFD in the United States each year.

Possible signs of PFD may include:
  • Trouble chewing and swallowing with/without refusal of eating/drinking
  • Limited food preferences and inventory
  • Choking, gagging, or coughing with eating/drinking
  • Vomiting during and/or after eating
  • Poor weight gain OR difficulty sustaining nutrition and/or hydration
  • Getting tired while eating/drinking and/or overall low energy
  • Avoidance eating in certain situations and locations
  • Parent/Caregiver feeling stressed and overwhelmed related to feeding his/her child

At Innovative Therapy Center, we have team members with specialized training in addressing PFD. 

Speech Language Pathology
Oral motor deficits leading to difficulty chewing, manipulating, and swallowing foods.  Address excess drooling, history of recurrent respiratory infection, choking/coughing with eating/drinking, and history of aspiration.
Occupational Therapy
Specializes in sensory delays, history of sensory processing difficulties, and trouble picking up foods via pincer grasp/utensil use.
Parent/child anxiety associated with mealtime, feedings, and nutrition/hydration.

If you think your child has a feeding disorder, please refer to the Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire  developed by Feeding Matters. This online screening tool will help you identify any red flags for PFD and understand typical feeding development, based on age. You can email or print the results and share it with your child’s doctor to help you talk about your concerns.


Ages 7-10 Years:  Thursdays 5-6pm, February 22nd - April 25th
  • Our program is based on the evidenced based SOS Approach to feeding.  Sessions will target oral motor and sensory skills as well as parent education/training.

  • The groups will be led by Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) trained therapists (Speech and/or OT).
  • Parents will also receive structured education and training from an SOS trained therapist (Speech, OT, and/or Counselor) in a group session from 5:20pm-6pm to learn necessary skills to support carryover at home.  Each week we will focus on a different topic.

  • Groups will range in size from 4-6 children.

  • At this time, groups will be offered as self pay only. Groups will be priced at $600/child for all 10 weeks.  Price includes food & all needed materials.  Fees may be split into 2 payments: $300 Due 1/31/2024 and $300 Due 2/14/2024.

**To join the feeding group, you must have a recent feeding evaluation completed by an SLP and/or OTR.  We will accept outside evaluations following a review of the documentation.


1. Goday PS, Huh SY, Silverman A, Lukens CT, Dodrill P, Cohen SS, Delaney AL, Feuling MB, Noel RJ, Gisel E, Kenzer A, Kessler DB, de Camargo OK, Browne J, Phalen JA. Pediatric feeding disorder: consensus definition and conceptual framework. JPGN 2019;68(1):124-129.


ADDRESS: 11330 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685

TEL: 330-595-9059 


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