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Tips for transitioning into Summer

Summer can be a fun and exciting time for kids and adults, but it can also be a stressful time too. Listed below are some tips to help ease the transition into summer and a couple of links for activities you can do with your child throughout Stark County.

  • Start talking about summer break now. Inform your children what to expect during summer break. Talk to them about where they will be (home, daycare, babysitter, camp) and for how long. It will be helpful to outline what expectations are for wake up/bed times, chores and/or technology. By having this discussion, it may help reduce the arguments that can happen later on due to knowing what to expect. Allow your children to express their feelings, ask questions and address any concerns they have. It may also help to create a visual schedule with your children.

  • Balance activities and down time. A child may feel overwhelmed going from activity to activity. It can be helpful to let them know what to expect, but also discuss how things may change due to different circumstances. Allow them to pick activities they can do individually or together as a family. If you expect the day to be busy or have large gaps in your day, have some calming activities, snacks and/or fidgets available. Be sure to have down time for your child; you do not want him or her to become overstimulated or too fatigued.

Children thrive with communication, structure, consistency and routine. They also like to be included in making decisions, when appropriate. Here’s to having a fun, safe summer!!! Listed below are a couple of links for activities in Stark County.

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